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People of Sicily

Originals, one-of-a-kind, 

Here you find a selection of my paintings related to the people of Sicily.


I live on the hills near Florence but I was born in Sicily. At the beginning my art has been inspired by my native region of Sicily.

Could be the sea, a fishing boat, a beach, the people.

Some of them have inspired me a lot.





My mission: I work professionally with love

I am very honored and happy to offer a wide range

of original artworks of contemporary art among different subjects and techniques reaching all kind of art lovers and collectors around the world. Anna Napoli Art Studio Gallery is based in a small village on the hills around Florence (Tuscany) in the beautiful tuscan countryside. In my private Art Studio Gallery also available online I want to bring to your attention the finest selection of my artworks for your private home walls in an international spirit.

You can find original artworks of art featuring a moltitude of genres with a focus on a psychic language, Italian landscapes both Sicilian and Tuscan above all, flowers and still life in different techniques.

If you are interested in purchasing or a single painting or you want to increase your art program I have the experience to assist you for your complete satisfaction and helping you to find the best solution for your environment, here some examples of some artworks which have been sold and put them in their environment by art lovers and collectors.

Please contact me for further information you might need:

phone +39 335 393889



As an artist I am regularly registered as a contemporary Italian fine artist in the Ministry of Italian Fine Art and all my are artworks are shipped with a regular papers documentation issued, confirmed and signed by the Italian State Ministry of Fine Art.

All deliveries abroad are provided with a documentation to send together with the original artwork which certify the truthfulness of the original artwork. This documentation is issued, stamped with signature by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts.

Art is an important part of my being human and can be found through all aspects of my life. I spend a lot of time to make art during my working day. 

There are many different variables that determine one's judgment of art such as aesthetics, cognition, perception. For me is important to share with you what opinions and perceptions notable art critics and different professional like journalists, writers, painters etc.. have of my artworks. I am happy to share them with you.





Would you like a frame with your painting ? It is optional and up to you. I have chosen some beautiful Made in Italy frames, handcrafted by artisan workshop. Frames are both traditional that design. The frames are museum and collector's quality. Discover some of my paintings framed with these frames. Sizes available in relation of the size of the painting that you want to buy.

Discover some of them.

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