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© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Sogno al quadrato oil on canvas. cm 60x50

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Le volpi devastano le vigne; Oil on canvas, cm 60x60

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Umanità, Oil on canvas, cm 40x40

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Un re ed una regina Olio su legno, Oil on wood cm 30x20, in 11x7

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Cerco il mio re CM 50x50, In 19,68x19,68 Olio su pannello, Oil on panel

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Bottiglie e bicchieri Olio su pannello, Oil on panel, cm 37x37, in 14,5x14,5

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

L'ora del tè cm 37x37, in 14,5x14,5 oil on panel, olio su pannello

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Inebriatevi amici miei Oil on canvas, Olio su tela cm 60x50, in 23,62x19,68

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Fatemi entrare nelle vostre stanze oh Re Olio su tela, Oil on canvas cm 100x80, In 39,37x31,49

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

L'orto del nonno Olio su tela, cm 40x40 in 15,74 x 15,74, Oil on Canvas

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Sogno Olio su pannello, Oil on wood panel, cm 30x20, in 11x7

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Una bella decapitazione Oil on panel, Olio su pannello, cm 83x60 in 32,67x23,62

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Gioco Olio su legno Cm 90,5x60,5, In 35x23

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Mamma e bambino cm 37x37, in 14,5x14,5 oil on panel, olio su pannello

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Folletti Oil on panel, Olio su pannello, cm 20x20, in 7x7

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Pinocchio riposa Oil on panel, Olio su pannello, Cm 26x26 In 10,23x10,23 Private Collection

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Cipressi e sole Oil on panel, Olio su pannello, cm 20x20 in 7x7

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Torri sul sole Oil on panel Olio su pannello cm 20x20 inches 7x7

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

In mezzo al bosco Oil on panel Olio su pannello cm 20x20 Inches 7x7 Private Collection

© Anna Napoli

© Anna Napoli

Burattini Olio su legno, Oil on wood cm 20x20, in 7x7 Private Collection


Welcome to my home page of my official website.

Iam going to introduce myself to you so that you can get to know me a little bit.

I was born in Castel di Lucio, an ancient Norman town in the Nebrodi Mountains of Sicily where I spent my early childhood.

I studied foreign languages and cultures in Florence, Milan (Italy), Stamford (England) and Zurich (Switzerland).  

I attended drawing classes for 5 years with the sculptress, Mary Ann Lucchetti in her Art Studio in Florence. Regarding the painting techniques I am completely self-taught.

I began my artistic career, officially, in the 90's taking part in numerous national and international painting competitions, with numerous awards and mentions by the critics and press. All awards, mentions, reviews received are all in my biography page.

​I have been exhibiting in various group and one-man shows in Italy and abroad.

Currently I am living in Montespertoli (Florence Tuscany) as well as in specific period of the year in my parent's house in Sicily. 

I am a contemporary artist, I work both in a formal and informal expression.

I love all sort of mediums, every medium allows me to express in a different way. I work with soft pastels on paper, oil and acrylic on canvas, mixed media on wood panels.

​I first started painting with soft pastels and I thought pastel painting was really great and for me is still great. I really had good time to paint with pastels. It was a very interesting experience. I began using pastels because they allowed me to express myself in a very simple and genuine way. Pastels have enabled me to lend expression in a more agile, faster, luminous manner, linked more to the emotive nature of the thing that the material reproduction of the object. This as I said at first step.

After a few years I began to work with acrylic and I enjoyed it very much. 

I have developed  during the years a special acrylic technique giving me the chance to formulate new transparencies of colors, creating the matter of the objects through various layers of pigments, enabling me to achieve vibrant effects.

After acrylic I came across the oil painting.

I have been painting with oil medium now for 8 years.

I have many reasons why I take up this enjoyable art technique. At the beginning I was daunting but at the end I have been conquered by oil. I feel this medium has something mysterious, has a tactile pleasure, has a buttery consistency, has a distinct scent and it has sensors delight.

At the beginning my art was inspired by my native region Sicily (could be the sea, a fishing boat, a beach, an old olive tree, the people), my environment where I live in Tuscany (landscapes, study of old masters of the Renaissance), or simply what was in my garden (flowers, fruits, vegetables), or even just what was on the kitchen table (still life). 

In the last years, I have been involving and inspiring by a new pictural psychological language which I express in a different way both as regard content and form.

I have been using old materials and old techniques in a contemporary design approach.

​​As well as being an artist, I also interested in lots of other things.

So, that's just a little bit of information about me but I am also interested in you, your opinions, your questions as well, so if you have any questions for me, my art, my paintings you can email me.

I hope to have a chance for to tell me what you think about my art.

So, if you want to email me you can write to this address

I will be very glad to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest in my art.

Anna Napoli


Messinaweb Chiusura Mostra 16 agosto 201
© Anna Napoli
© Anna Napoli
© Anna Napoli - Mostra personale
© Anna Napoli Mostra Personale
© Anna Napoli
© Anna Napoli Mostra personale
© Anna Napoli - Mostra Personale

Banca Cambiano Montelupo Fiorentino

© Anna Napoli Mostra Personale
© Anna Napoli Mostra Collettiva

Milano Presso Rivista D'Ars Rivista d'Arte Moderna



I am very honored and happy to offer a wide range of original artworks of contemporary art among different subjects and techniques reaching all kind of art lovers and collectors around the world. Anna Napoli Art Studio Gallery is based in a small village on the hills around Florence (Tuscany) in the beautiful tuscan countryside. In my private Art Studio Gallery also available online I want to bring to your attention the finest selection of my artworks for your private home walls in an international spirit.

You can find original artworks of art featuring a moltitude of genres with a focus on a psychic language, Italian landscapes both Sicilian and Tuscan above all, flowers and still life. If you are interested in purchasing or a single painting or you want to increase your art program I have the experience to assist you for your complete satisfaction and helping you to find the best solution for your environment, here some examples.

Please contact me for further information you might need:






phone +39 335 393889 mobile (whatup)

phone +39 0571 609555 Art Studio Gallery



2018 C Fornace Pasquinucci Limite sull'Arno Italy

2018 C Galleria Gadarte Florence Italy

2017 C Church San Lorenzo Florence Italy

2017 P Chianti International Fair Montespertoli Italy

2016 C Handcrafts Fair  Florence Italy

2016 P Cellars Verdi Villa Medici Cerreto Guidi Italy

2014 C Museum San Francesco Greve in Chianti Italy

2014 C Art Gallery Simultanea Florence Italy

2014 C Loggia Priori Volterra Italy

2013 P Italian Culture Institute Colony Germany

2013 C Gallery Ideal Florence Italy

2012 C Fornace Pasquinucci Limite sull’Arno Italy

2012 P Italian Culture Institute Brussel Belgium

2011 P St Regis Hotel Singapor

2011 P Hyatt Hotel Seoul Korea

2011 P Café Deco’ Sesto Fiorentino Italy

2011 P BanK Cambiano Montelupo Fiorentino Italy

2010 P Villa Voegel Firenze Italy

2010 C Museum Castellina Marittima Pisa Italy


2009 C Salone del Cinquecento Palazzo Vecchio Florence Italy

2009 C Art Modern Magazine D’Ars Milan Italy

2009 C By Gallery Magazine « Resto del Carlino » Bologna Italy

2009 P Prodexpo Moscow Russia

2009 P Hotel Rome Berlin Germany

2008 P Bar Tuttobene Campi Bisenzio Italy

2007 C Saletta Macchiavelli Montespertoli Florence Italy


Art is an important part of my being human and can be found through all aspects of my life. I spend a lot of time to make art during my working day. 

There are many different variables that determine one's judgment of art such as aesthetics, cognition, perception. For me is important to share with you what opinions and perceptions notable art critics and different professional like journalists, writers, painters etc.. have of my artworks. I am happy to share them with you.

about ME

As an artist I am regularly registered as a contemporary Italian fine artist in the Ministry of Italian Fine Art and all my are artworks are shipped with a regular papers documentation issued, confirmed and signed by the Italian State Ministry of Fine Art.

All deliveries abroad are provided with a documentation to send together with the original artwork which certify the truthfulness of the original artwork. This documentation is issued, stamped with signature by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts.







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